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BUYER’S CHECKLIST Ready to Start Looking? Contact one of our agents to begin your search. We’ll help you through every step, here’s an overview. At McCord Real Estate you can be sure your best interest is being protected. We will help with you with your search. Confirm your finances - we will help with this. Talk to a mortgage broker, bank or financier so you know how much you can afford to spend. Take into account extra expenses needed to cover moving, insurance etc. Make a list of requirements - we will help with this. Break your list into "must have’s" and "nice to have’s". For example: o Must have ... 4 bedrooms and be close to public transport. o Nice to have ... fully fenced and low maintenance. Research areas and prices - we will help with this. Use our website and our multiple listing services to view homes that meet your requirements. Decide where you wish to purchase - we will help with this. Take into account affordability, transport, schools and family lifestyle. Be flexible with your area selection. General Features to Consider When Searching. Sufficient storage space in kitchen, bedrooms and outside Level floor and sound piling Good water pressure (turn on the taps and shower, flush the toilet) Insulation (check for insulation in the roof, ceiling and walls) Which fixtures will remain (e.g. heaters, carpets, dishwasher).
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